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Ozark Sweet & Tangy Dill


Manufacturer: Ozark Pickle Pantry

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Ozark Sweet & Tangy Dill

Our best seller! Always fresh, crisp and crunchy with three distinct flavors in each bite. A touch of sweet, then the dill flavor and last, a little 'kick' at the end. The "Sweet Tangy Dill" is the star of our gourmet pickle line. From our family's recipe, this "dill" has now become famous, mainly due to its very unique blend of flavors, all in one delicious pickle. When you eat a "Sweet Tangy Dill" (and you can't eat just one!) you'll find your taste buds experiencing a bit of sweet at the beginning, followed by the unique dill flavor of the pickle itself, and lastly, there's a bit of a 'kick', not hot, but tangy. Our fans love the crunchy, crisp nature of this pickle. It's never soggy or limp, making it a sure-fire favorite with you and all your friends. Try it. You will NOT be disappointed. 

Product Code: OZA44BGW78

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